Community Gathering:

The Community gathering was a great success with over 500 people packing into the gym at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church. We heard from Pastor Fred Luter of the Southern Baptist Convention, Shawna Kimbrough who shared her experience of being pressure to choose abortion at Planned Parenthood when she was 16, and others. Thanks to Pastor Luter, Jubilee Christian Church, and everyone else who made the event a success!

Press Conference:

We saw a great turnout at the press conference on Claiborne Avenue. Over one thousand Nola Needs Peace Supporters came out to hear Abby Johnson, Archbishop Aymond, Shawna Kimbrough, and Mary Matalin. There were also approximately 100 pro-choice activists. As always, there were some angry people on both sides, but there were many more respectful people truly open to dialogue on both sides of the street. We actually ended up having some really good conversations by the end of the night.

Advocacy Days:

Such a beautiful witness! Over fifty people of different faiths, ages, and backgrounds came together to offer their Saturday mornings to have one on one discussions about what Planned Parenthood is doing in our city. We've found that many we speak with are not aware of the plans to do abortions in their neighborhood. They now have yard signs, educational materials, and contact information for their city council members. Hundreds added their signature to the declaration that "NOLA Needs Peace, Not More Abortion". The community surrounding the proposed Planned Parenthood site has been empowered to take action, and to encourage others to do so as well.

Individual Outreaches:

In July you might have run into groups doing NOLA Needs Peace Outreach. Groups were present in Audubon and City Parks, and the intersection of Napoleon and Claiborne. They offered materials and the declaration to passersby, raised awareness, and were wonderful witnesses to the power of peaceful dialogue.



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